Starting the McDougall Plan

This afternoon I put in my order for all my staples on the McDougall Plan to be delivered tomorrow morning, filling my cart with things like spices and herbs, sauces, bread, pasta, beans, etc. I then went to the store to buy all my fruit and veggies. I am ready for this!

I have officially decided to start the McDougall Plan. If you’re not too familiar with it, you can find info here on what the plan/Dr McDougall is all about. Essentially, it’s a whole-foods, plant-based way of eating that focuses on starches as a staple and this plan in particular goes for 12 days. The idea is that if you follow the plan for the 12 days, you will experience a significant improvement in the way you feel and you should then want to continue to follow the guidelines for eating after the 12 days.

I will post my meals that I make throughout the plan and give regular updates on how the plan is going and how I am enjoying the food, so if you are interested in trying it out as well or just interested in making some more healthful meal choices, follow along my journey.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who may have done it before or is currently doing it. I am pretty excited to give it a go and see how much better I can feel focusing on whole foods and cutting right down on processed foods and foods high in oils and fats.

What do I hope to gain from it? I’d love for the plan to help my belly become more consistent and relaxed- no random bloating and unsettled feelings. I’d like it to help me shed some unnecessary extra kilos and give me a nice, consistent stream of energy and wellness throughout the day. Anything else would be an added bonus so we will see how it goes.

Day One tomorrow- kicking it off with some oatmeal topped with some chopped fresh banana and cinnamon… Let’s do this!


Hayley x

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