McDougall Plan Update

Hi Everyone!

I am checking in on night 4 of the McDougall Plan to let you know how it has been so far and how I have gone with the plan. Regrettably I haven’t weighed myself or anything but I will probably take a photo of where my body is at to track any changes that occur by the end of the 12 days.

More so than anything, what I want to get out of the plan is to form some better food habits and get myself use to incorporating more veggies and wholemeal foods. Which I can say so far has been successful!

Now, I haven’t been eating the meal plan exactly meal for meal as it’s outlined in the book, but I have been making sure that my main meals of the day are ones that are listed in the book, loosely following the meal guides for each day.

Pictured below are some of the breakfasts I’ve made.

Hash browns with banana wholemeal toast.

As the hash browns that I could source were not 100% oil free, I only had a couple of them, and had some toast with banana as well to satiate me.

Brown basmati rice with blended apple sauce and banana

Rice for breakfast was interesting, and while it was quite nice, I am not in a rush to have it again.. Would be nice for an afternoon snack perhaps but I prefer oatmeal!

Oatmeal with agave syrup, cinnamon and banana.

The first couple of days were an adjustment- you have to stop yourself from just reaching for your usual foods and favourite meals, but it has been a bit of fun to try these new foods.

At first, I found myself getting a little hungry as the meals are generally a little lower in calories, but over the days, I have gotten use to eating these foods, and I don’t restrict the portion sizes.

So far, I have felt that my belly has been a little more at ease and I have felt better about my choices knowing that I have been consciously eating more veg and fruit during the day.

Veggies and bean with rice
Broccoli with lemon juice and a little onion powder
Bean, rice and veggie burrito on wholemeal tortilla.
Fast pizza made with wholemeal pita bread topped with veggies and low-salt pizza sauce

This pizza was super tasty! I will add some greens next time, but definitely one I will make again after the plan.

Bean and veg stew with baked potatoes (all oil free)

So those were some of my meals for the first few days on the plan.

I will post again just after the 1 week mark with more of the meals and let you guys know how I have been getting on!


Hayley x

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