Easy Vegan Berry Pancakes

In my last pancake post, I shared two ideas for apple pancakes. And now I am sharing a couple of berry pancakes. These are simply made with warmed frozen berries, a little maple syrup and icing sugar!


I like to use this pancake recipe because it’s super simple and quick to make, then it’s just a matter of adding a variety of simple ingredients to create some really delicious flavours. The pancakes were made using the batter recipe above and then cooked in Nuttelex (vegan butter alternative) in a warm frying pan.

1. Blueberry & Banana Pancakes

These pancakes were topped with some pure maple syrup, sliced banana, a scoop of So Good Coconut Ice Cream, and topped with a handful of frozen blueberries that had been warmed separately in a small, non-stick pot. They were not the prettiest of pancakes but damn they were tasty.

I like to leave the berries cooking in the pot until I have assembled all the other toppings so that the warm berries start to melt the ice cream, and the flavours soak into the pancakes.


2. Mixed Berry Layered Pancakes

I cooked up some frozen raspberries and mixed berries to layer the pancakes and dripped the berry juices on top, then topped it all with some icing sugar and  a little maple syrup! Super simple but very pretty and delicious.



Hayley x

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